Assembly Secretariat


The strength of the Assembly Secretariat along the State Legislators* Hostel which is under its jurisdiction is 168 at present. The Constitution provides for a separate Secretariat for Legislatures of the States. Following this provision, a separate Secretariat having a separate Recruitment, Conditions and Service Rules for the Assembly was framed and notified in 1983. For streamlining proper functioning of the Secretariat, internal arrangements of different wings have been created. The different sections in the Secretariat are:

The Administrative section. Accounts section. Pay & Accounts section, Editorial section, Financial Committees section, Legislative Committees section, Library Section, Protocol section and Legislators’ Hostel a and other sub-sections. These sections arc headed by Senior Officers as Sectional heads.

The Constitution lays Rule of Procedure for the Legislature of the State to make Rules for regulating its Conduct and Procedure. The Rules of Procedures for Sikkim Legislative Assembly was framed under provision of Section 23 of the Government of Sikkim Act 1974 by the First Assembly. However, later a modified and comprehensive Rules of Procedures and Conduct of Business in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly in uniformity with other States of Union and Parliament of India were considered and finally adopted for the Assembly under the provision of Article 208 of the Constitution.